“Perfect Sky” single cover by Espen Gulbrandsen amp; DJ Julian Vincent
Album: Perfect Sky
Year: 2009
Track: 1
Lyrics Source: Vocal Trance Is Life
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Featured on
Trance 2009, vol. 2 - Vocal disc
Disc: Trance 2009, vol. 2 - Vocal
Track: 7

Perfect Sky (Original mix)
Espen Gulbrandsen vs. DJ Julian Vincent feat. Maria Nayler

A moment to let go
In a flash so much gone
Everything I had hoped for was lost
The world turned silent
Beauty destroyed
No stone unturned nowhere to go

Perfect sky is torn by a storm
Unpredicted to all the cold
In the sky you’re nowhere to be found
Here I’m standing all alone

No one calling
No one calling